About Us

Impacting People Positively

Birthed out of a desire to create a great community for all those we’re involved with, Noosa Earth’s driving purpose is to impact people positively through reducing food miles. We strive to grasp the opportunities that allow us to impact each set of hands in the journey of local food.

Noosa Earth is an urban mushroom farm in Noosaville, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

We are growing fresh oyster mushrooms in used shipping containers specifically fitted out for this purpose. We are a chemical free farm and support sustainable farming methods. We are continuously experimenting with and improving our operations to enable us to farm ethically with a minimal environmental footprint.

To grow oyster mushroom, spores are mixed with a substrate- usually barley straw- and packed into growing bags. These bags are then hung in climate-controlled shipping containers where they are closely monitored on a daily basis until harvest time. We are experimenting with the use of spent coffee grounds as an additive to the bags. This not only provides a source of nitrogen to help the mushrooms grow but is also a way of using a waste product, which would normally be landfill, to grow food.

Oyster Mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium. They are also high in protein, fibre and iron, and contain significant levels of zinc, potassium, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, and vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B12, plus vitamin C and vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that Oyster mushrooms also have cholesterol lowering, antioxidants and even anti-cancer properties.

We provide fresh, healthy and nutritious gourmet oyster mushrooms on a commercial level to local restaurants, cafes and providores. We want to help educate the community about sustainable urban farming methods, reducing food miles, healthy eating practices and change the thought process of how we get our food and where it should come from.We are exploring uses for the by-product of the mushroom growing by using the bagged substrate to produce other crops, and then composting what is left- to then grow more crops! We would like to protect and improve the biodiversity of our small urban farming plot.

Our aim is to run a sustainable, organic, chemical free farm in an urban setting- reducing food miles and making fresh produce readily available on a daily basis to not only businesses but to the community as a whole.

Noosa Earth was born out of a boundless enthusiasm for sharing fresh, delicious, locally grown food and the desire to create a business that would nurture all those it touched.